Through the Eyes of the Youth - SDG Photo Competition


Start: 2022-02-21
End: 2022-04-30

How to Participate

Take a picture relating to any of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) and tell us what it means to you in the context of Mauritius.

Indicate which SDG(s) are linked to your photo(s).

Write a brief story (less than 150 words) for each photo to explain how your shot is linked to the chosen SDG(s) and why it matters to you and to your country.

General Rules

Submission deadline is 27 March 2022. Results of the competition will be announced shortly after by the Jury. The contest is open to two age groups:

  • Minors (Ages 12 – 17)
  • Youth (Ages 18 – 25)

IMPORTANT: Minors (Aged 12 – 17) eager to participate in the competition will need their parents or guardians to submit on their behalf.

Participants must select one or more of the 17 SDG’s. Participants may submit a maximum of two photos per selected SDG. Creativity and/or original thinking will improve your chances to win. Participants must submit original copies of their images. After submitting entries, the photos, with permission from participants, may be used by the United Nations in the future for non-commercial purposes. Participants must include their full name, age and contact information in submissions. Please note that group entries are permitted, but all participants in the group must be of the same age category. Please also ensure that each minor in the group has provided written parental consent to participate. 

Material Specifications - File type should be in JPEG. File sizes must be more than 5 MB and less than 15 MB per photo. Photos will be accepted in both black/white and colour. Participants are free to express their creativity through editing images as long as their photos remain true to the original.

***Submissions should be sent to the following email address: (please use this email template to submit) or via this web interface:

Learn more about the SDGs and Agenda 2030 -  go to: or

Win Prizes

Cash Prizes for Minors (Ages 12 – 17)

Through SBM Amigos account voucher

1st Prize: MUR 50,000

2nd Prize: MUR 30,000

3rd Prize: MUR 20,000

Cash Prizes for Youth (Ages 18 – 25)

Through SBM Savings account voucher

1st Prize: MUR 50,000

2nd Prize: MUR 30,000

3rd Prize: MUR 20,000

Additional Prizes (Top ten for each age category) offered by Rogers Group:

An organised visit to Bel-Ombre Biosphere to showcase various SDGs:

  • Visit of the Yellow Submarine (SDG 4, SDG 14, SDG 17)
  • Bis Lamer at CBeach ( DG 4, 14)
  • World of Seashell Visit (SDG14)
  • Giveaway of local produce from Agria (SDG 12)
  • Glass bottom session (SDG14)
  • Rehabilitation of River Jacotet where each student can plant a tree (SDG 15)
  • Visit to Feypalmis (SDG 12)

Learn about Photography Basics - We encourage you to use the quality free resources available on the Internet to develop photography skills which will in turn enhance your chances of winning. Irrespective of the technology you will use, applying basic commonly accepted techniques will contribute a lot in taking good photos. The following links are provided as guidance: or or

If your photograph includes images of people please consider the following guidelines -

***UN staff members (including interns and consultants) and professional photographers are not eligible to participate. Jury Panel members are not eligible to participate. All entries not respecting the theme, or the technical/authorship requirements set out below will not be considered.

With thanks to our partner Business Mauritius and sponsor SBM and Rogers Group

Goals we are supporting through this initiative

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