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United Nations and Mauritian Government hold a consultative workshop to explore Green Recovery initiatives

15 February 2022

Consultative Workshop on the United Nations / Government Joint Initiatives Towards Green Recovery and Long-Term SDG Planning  held on 10 February 2022 organized by the United Nations Resident Coordinators’ Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Agro-industry and Food Security, and the Ministry of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives under the patronage of the Prime Minister’s Office


Pointe aux Piments: The United Nations and Government of the Republic of Mauritius co-organized a Consultative Workshop on the United Nations / Government Joint Initiatives Towards Green Recovery and Long-Term SDG Planning on Thursday 10 February. The one-day workshop was launched at Le Meridien Hotel by United Nations Resident Coordinator H.E. Ms. Christine N. Umutoni and by the Honourable Maneesh Gobin, Attorney General and Minister for Agro-Industry and Food Security.


The workshop was conducted using a hybrid format.  There were 50 participants who attended in-person, and over 76 participants joining in virtually from countries world-wide. The Government of the Republic of Mauritius, private sector and civil society organisations were all represented.


The participants had the opportunity to take stock of progress towards the implementation of United Nations (UN) and Government joint interventions to deal with the nation’s social and economic recovery challenges posed by the pandemic. The workshop also provided an open forum for discussion around strategies and financing to ‘build back better’ using more inclusive and green approaches to recovery. It is proposed that long-term integrated strategies are necessary to accelerate towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Agenda 2030.


Presentations included:

  • UN Environment Programme (UNEP) on the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) projects in Mauritius, namely with regards to support provided to the SME and agricultural sectors.[1]


  • UNDP on the progress of the 2020 Socio-Economic Response Plan (SERP) developed to assist the Government to prepare for and protect people from the immediate impacts of the pandemic and plan for recovery. Some key Green Recovery achievements include: analytical work on private sector investment in circular economy; implementation of E-health programme; and tourism recovery planning.


  • UNDESA and UNITAR about the value and importance of long-term strategic planning and the support that the UN system can provide to the government of Mauritius.


  • UNDESA innovative mechanisms for SDG financing through the Integrated National Financing Framework methodology.


During her welcoming remarks at the workshop, the Resident Coordinator gave an overview of the global, regional and national context for the United Nations and Government of Mauritius’ collaboration. Commenting on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic she stated: “The crisis started as a public health one, and rapidly became a complex economic and social crisis.  COVID-19 has highlighted food security issues and created challenges in key economic sectors.”


The Honourable Minister Gobin in his address to the participants referred to ongoing impacts of the pandemic and climate change, stating, “Let us shake ourselves and wake up to the new reality.” He emphasised that Green Recovery is not only a climate or environmental matter. It touches on all aspects of our economy and society. As such, if we are to achieve a Green Recovery, an integrated and coherent approach needs to be taken - one that embraces all 17 of the SDGs.


The workshop concluded with a pledge from the Honourable Minister Gobin in his role of Minister for Agro-Industry and Food Security for his continued support of the partnership with the UN and their comprehensive approach to green recovery and the SDGs.


Media Contact: Janee Connery, Communications Officer | +230 5500-9908


[1] PAGE is an excellent example of the ONE UN approach of UN agencies working together and in partnership with multiple local stakeholders to further Green Initiatives and Recovery in a coherent and inclusive manner. The 5 participating UN agencies in Mauritius are United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), International Labour Organization (ILO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITER).

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